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Mama we're all full of lies

Mama we're meant for the flies

Emil Curtis AKA Wrath
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Wrath is young, reckless and easily led. Izumi and Sig sheltered the boy a great deal, and while Emil can physically protect himself from harm, thanks to his mother, his mental and emotional defenses are sorely lacking. Growing up in a peaceful environment where he saw little conflict, he doesn't know how to cope with it at times, which can and likely will cause tantrums from hell.

He's an unbalanced personality and a bundle of contradictions. Emil can be sweet, kind, and overall adoring of someone he likes. But he can also be violent, jealous, possessive, and whiny. Under the right guiding hand, he could grow to be much worse than he is, or much better. It depends on who molds him. Wrath is not a leader but someone who happily follows, believing he's doing good by pleasing someone he cares for, who cares for him.

There are several things he is frightened of, the most obvious and detrimental being what happens when he hears a baby crying. Due to his own childhood trauma (that he doesn't even remember in his conscious mind), the sound will quickly send him into a frantic, crying and screaming frenzy of panic. If the sound is removed he will start to calm down and slowly return to normal as if nothing talked about. He won't say why he hates the noise, just that it frightens him.

Another worry is his need to please someone, and makes them proud. Before coming to San Francisco, it was Izumi whom he strove to please, and now...she will still be there in his mind...but distant. Wrath adores mother figures and will follow someone like a duckling once he's attached himself to them. In his own mind, they become his, and he is fiercely jealous and protective of that bond.


Wrath was raised by Izumi Curtis and her husband, Sig Curtis. His mother, Izumi was a martial arts instructor and his father a butcher who sometimes was known to help Izumi out at her small school. The boy grew up in a happy home, thinking all along that Izumi Curtis was his biological mother. However, this was not so.

15 years prior, around when Wrath's birthday is, Izumi gave birth to her real child. A son. She and Sig had been trying to have one for years, and it was a difficult birth. The baby itself was born, premature but healthy. He was taken home to his loving family and all seemed perfect for the first few days. Sig left a day or so later to attend to a family emergency out of state, leaving Izumi with precious time alone with her new son. However, despite their best efforts there would be tragedy.

Izumi was devastated to find her infant dead in his crib one morning, especially so soon after bringing him home. Inconsolable, she wanted nothing to do with anyone. She didn't return Sig's concerned calls, and whenever he asked what was wrong she would simply say she was tired, or sick, and leave it at that. She didn't want to be coddled, too angry at herself, angry at God for taking away her baby. She would often leave the now-empty home she had with Sig for long walks, returning often late into the evening.

It was during one of these such walks, perhaps a week after her child's death that she found what was to be Wrath. Left alone in a baby stroller in the late evening in a park that bordered a forest. She had almost walked past, not even seeing the tiny infant. Only a week or two old, at most. Almost, until he had cried out with a loud wail that tugged at her heartstrings, and made her investigate. She was immediately filled with rage over how someone could leave a baby alone, unattended (it was a particularly infuriating blow, after her recent loss), and without another backward glance, she simply walked home, clutching the baby.

It was as if her son had returned to her.

When Sig returned, he knew nothing of what happened, of the dead child that was now forgotten, Izumi having replaced him with the new infant. She was half convinced that Emil was her son, that perhaps it had been her that had misplaced him. But always these thoughts were pushed back. She was a practical woman, after all.

Izumi's health began to slowly deteriorate as Emil grew up. But never did she stop loving him. The boy was a miracle. A bundle of mischief, but loving to his parents. Like any child, he had his moments of trouble, but often he came around to his mother's way of thinking with little discipline, wanting to please her, and see her healthy. Rebellion came later, as he reached his teenage years. Even then it was normally mild, his anger normally no more so than the next teenage boy's.

Due to Izumi's health however, she began to fear letting her young son see her deteriorate in such a fashion. With a heavy heart she contacted her old pupil, a brilliant young man named Edward Elric, to see if perhaps he would agree to take her son in for a time while she tried to recuperate...or come to terms with the very possible idea of death.


Residence: Apartment
Housemates: Envy
Occupation: Waiter at 7th Heaven


IC Screename: A Wrathful Child
OOC Screename: A SnowWhite Crow
Roleplay character for mishima_miasma
All characters from and references to FullMetal Alchemist © Hiromu Arakawa
Wrath is played by silver_foxglove